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PSM readers unite!!! Finally, there is an online club where you can have fun supporting America's favorite Playstation magazine, PSM!!! Be sure to check out all the sections and remember to have fun!!!

Our Philosophy
We're 100% Unofficial, just like PSM Magazine. Why? Because we want to offer you unbias coverage? No! Because no one will sponsor us! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

The 100% Unofficial PSM Fan Club was entirely created and developed by #1 PSM fan, Philip Hanan. It is not owned by Imagine Media or any relatives of Imagine Media employees, although I wish it was so I could be paid for creating it. Chibi Chan illustrations were done by Robert De Jesus for PSM, not for me, but I hope he doesn't mind that Chibi left PSM to join my site. That's about all. Just don't copy my site or Chibi and I will sue you 'til PS3 comes out. Thank you.

Check it out at: