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Meet the PSM Fan Club Staff!
Philip Hanan:
PSM Fan Club Creator/Editor/Independent Consumer Magazine Development Editor
Likes: PSM
Hobbies: Reading PSM
Summer Fun- in or out? I'll be inside reading PSM unless there's some bikini-clad chicks outside. Then, I'll reading reading PSM outdoors.....Ahhhh.....

Ryan Daub:
The newest PSM Fan Club Recruit
Likes: PSM!
Hobbies: Unknown, but I'm sure he likes PSM!
Summer Fun- in or out? I don't know, but wherever he is, he'll probably be reading PSM!

Chibi Chan:
The fired PSM mascot
Likes: The PSM Fan Club
Hobbies: Taking over Phil's room to play Playstation!
Summer Fun- in or out? Nothing like experiencing the summer by playing as the Dead or Alive girls in swimsuits!

Wanna Join?
Are you as big of a PSM reader as I am? If, so just e-mail me telling my why you love PSM so much and I'll add your name to the club! Just tell me your likes and hobbies!

Contact PSM!
Not enough just speaking with me? Then feel free to contact the staff of PSM!


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