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Here, I ask many thought provoking questions about PSM.

Q. What exactly does PSM stand for?

A. You might assume it stands for Playstation Magazine, but..... Do we really know? Perhaps it stands for:

Pretty Silly Men (That's the truth!)
Partly Slapped Men (By Bill)
Pretty Screwy Men
Pansey Sissy Men (Nah, really..... Steve's cool)
Pretty Slick Men (Aw, Yeah.....)
Purple Slime Monster (What?!)
Pupon Sauce Magazine (Would YOU happen to have any?)
Pundget Smell Magazine
Pretty Smelly Magazine
Post Syndrome Men
Pikachu Smells Magazine (I really like this one!)
Poopy Stool Magazine (This idea stinks!)
Playbunny Seeking Men
Pretty Smartmouthed Men (Perfect!!!)
Panty Stealing Men (Yeah!)
Powerful Stinger Missles

Q. Does Tokoya wear his mask 24-7?

A. Everywhere but the shower. He really hates to go without it. You should have seen him this one time. Someone swiped his mask in a locker room and instead of covering his private parts when he ran out, he covered his face. Of course, his mask was returned very quickly. (O.K., so I made this up. But I bet he never takes it off)


"Thought provoking....."