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Always wanted to know.....What if?

A lot of wacky things go on at the PSM offices, but I wonder what would happen if we changed things a little......Like:

What if Steve was the boss around the offices? Would everyone be forced to watch anime during their lunch hour? Would Steve make Chris kiss up to him? Would Steve finally get the Japanese girls of his dreams? Nah. Even as boss that would never happen!

What if Tokoya didn't wear a mask? Would he frighten the PSM staff more than Bill with a bat? Or would he lose his dignity as everyone laughed in his face?

What if PSM's old boss, Charles Frohman was still around? Would the PSM staffers be able to handle TWO bosses? Hmm.....Twice the orders. Twice the baseball bats. Bosses 1. PSM 0.

What if Chris was suddenly stuck in Steve's body? Would Steve become cooler? Or would Chris become less cool? Would they switch employee positions? Would Bill know they switched?

What if Sony went down the drain and PSM became a Nintendo magazine? Bill would go around the NOA headquarters and smash all those huge Nintendo statues with his bat, while Chris would beat up on Nintendo employees and force them to play better Playstation games.

What if I visited PSM headquarters? I would hang out with Steve and then try to convince Chris to give me some free PSM stuff. Then, since I'm an artist, I would give advice to Gary over and over, until he strangled me and Bill knocked my lights out.

"Say, what?!!