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What does the PSM staff do when they're not playing games? They're busy playin' around!

Lots of embarassing photos here! But, don't worry! This is all done in good fun! I never meant to hurt anyone.....Really!

Rude Awakening!
Does Bill look like this every morning before he gets his coffee?
Chibi was so nervous, he forgot to button his fly before he first met Lara Croft.
Brain Freeze!!!
This was Chibi after rushing through his ice cream cone so he could get back to playing Final Fantasy VIII.
Something About Chris
Never zip through zipping your fly....."Ahhhh!!!!! For the love of Playstation!"
Got Poop?
"It's a bird...It's a poop...It's.....on me....."
Ah can't spak!
After being dared to stick his tongue on an icy pole, Steve realized that while he completed the challenge, he still felt like he was missing something.....like dignity.....
The Naked Truth
Just when Val thought she was finally recognized for her brains, she just figured out the true reason she was employed at PSM.....