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What's New!

It's official! The first and only PSM Fan Club is here! What do you think?

What would you like to see here? This is the people's site so e-mail me with your ideas!

-April 19, 2002

Your favorite Playstation magazine has changed again!!! Look for a new, sleeker (yet messier) cover in stores now!!!

-May 20, 2002

It's true! PSM magazine now carries DVDs! This month, check out over 25 video clips of your favorite PS2 games on your PS2 or any DVD player!

-May 29, 2002

The 100% Unofficial PSM Fan Club is growing! Now, you can visit to post and read messages! I'm honored to have the Managing Editor of PSM himself post the first message.....except.....well, Chibi has a few choice words for him.....

Anyway, you can also visit http://forums.delphiforums/psmfanclub/start or to chat. And if you like, you can easily check out all these sites from the new PSM Lovers Web Ring!!! Find it at:

-July 29, 2002

Picked up the July issue of PSM? Then you'd know that there's a new section in the magazine, "800-LB. Gorilla" Located in the Letters section, you can directly write "The Boss" and ask him anything you'd like. Then, he'll slap your face for not knowing! Enjoy!

We just added a new section! Chatting With Chibi! Check it out to learn what Chibi thinks about all kinds of things!